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Greg- Please explain what FairGO was about and who set it up as I am not familiar with that campaign.
As a recreational cyclist I only use off-road dedicated bike routes (almost all alongside the Parramatta river zones) as cannot contemplate any road use whatsoever (as have had one minor spill in that situation). There are now some good routes but most only cater to recreational cyclists as realistic commuter routes are few and far between.  Sydney's geographical characteristics (east end) have not helped, but out west there is no excuse as it is more like Melbourne (flatter) where there are such extensive commuter routes indeed. In fact, my Melbourne-based offspring commutes to work by bicycle most days.
Sydney authorities need to urgently get their act together.  Just recently a western walking route of 65 km was launched and opened (from Parramatta to Penrith) so surely some of that route may be possible as a shared walking and cycling route! 


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According to Nigel Gladstone writing in SMH 12/10/2019 1100 cyclists were injured in Sydney last year up about 6% per year on 2005. 11 were killed in NSW in 2019. Cycleways are being constructed at a snails pace. Government will not stop this any more than it did road deaths. FairGO cut the road toll by 75% with its Roadwatch campaign (& since it stopped campaigning the toll has risen again). Deaths and injuries are the result of deliberate political inaction. Voters should not let politicians kill and injure cyclists like this. If existing MPs cannot or will not develop cycleways fast, we should replace them with MPs who can & will. We do not care what party or MPs solve the problem. It just needs to be solved and it may not be that hard or costly.

Now FairGO will coordinate a "Cycleways" campaign to stop children, teens and young adults particularly being injured, killed or using cars instead, increasing pollution and climate impact. Thank you Nigel Gladstone for the story!

Please join in, particularly if you have children, teenagers, youths, or grandchildren. It is no good acting after they have been disabled or killed " so that this does not happen to anyone else ever again". It always will if you don't act.  Act now and keep them alive.
Step 1 tell us where cycleways are most vital.
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