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Unfortunately its like everything in this country you look to were the money is going and all the politician are in with them ,transport, banking, toll RDS, hospital's aged homes, rehabs, and especially setting up charity organizations that then can claim government money with out the usual tender processes !( Great barrier reef ) . A.B.C. All have friends or family involved in CEO positions. R. S. L. Turnballs son in law, ABC turnballs good mate former work buddy, What about the 500million to turnballs good friends ??? . Any process or body that may have a say ,nrma,racq,fair trading all of them do the government bidding ! Like the process they call canstar . The rating you get is what you pay for ! We need to get the young people involved , I see hope in the future generations , to seek change you must get the under 25s on board ! Must get the young onboard !


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I am watching the ABC 4 Corners program on abuse of elderly residents in aged care facilities.
What do you think about this abuse? Is it someting that needs to be stopped now? Or is the abuse justified by the behaviour of the elderly people themselves often not happy with or understanding their situation? Or are we, through medical advances forcing people into years of misery by preventing the illnesses that would otherwise have ended their lives? Do carers understand our culture or language?

Whatever your views, do we owe the elderly as much dignity as possible as we - the community - take charge of their lives? Or should they just put up with whatever happens?

Let's put our views forward and see if we can come up with some good solutions. Your view please. You might urge anyone you know with elderly relatives in care and who is concerned about them to join voters network and have their say. We need ideas and comments before we take action as voters to guide government action.
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